Loreto Home Science Lab

The Home Science Lab seen from the new mezzanine

Ladies Youth Association, an alumni group of Loreto House, Kolkata, requested us to revamp two departments – the Home Science Lab, and the Computer Lab, as a part of their effort to contribute towards improving the infrastructure of their alma mater

The Home Science lab had been in service ever since anybody could remember. Services – gas, cold and hot water, drainage, organised storage as well a safety and ergonomic considerations – were in need of upgradation that was achieved through this effort.

A mezzanine – accessed from inside the lab – was added (to the right) for organised storage of equipment etc., and the microwave ovens were placed over a working counter to save space
The sinks were located for shared use by two sets of students for reducing water consumption and releasing counter top space for work preparation and presentation


An earlier photograph of the Home Science Lab

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