Nandadirghi Vihara Visitor Centre, Jagjivanpur

Located 42 kilometres from Malda town, close to the Rajshahi district of Bangladesh, Nandadirghi Vihara is an archaeological site that has been excavated to reveal a Buddhist monastery constructed by Mahasenapati Vajradeva, built in the 9th century CE.

The aim of the project is to make the site and its history accessible to
visitors by developing an Interpretation Centre and associated visitor facilities.

The Copperplate Inscription found at the site that triggered the excavation effort, the plan of the Vihara as excavated, various artefacts and exquisite terracotta panels revealed at the site of excavation.

The proposed Visitor Centre and Museum under construction. Photos of an early model, and a study of the skyline at night.

Actual skyline
Local vernacular around Jagjivanpur village
Drawings submitted for Rain Water Harvesting scheme at the site
Exposed brick elevation details (not executed due to lack of skilled workers)
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