Pankhasari Retreat, Kalimpong

Project partners – Carlo Ratti Associates, Turin

Located at the crossroads of the mountains and the plains, the Pankhasari site is a sleepy, forested, rocky slope close to the wildlife reserves of North Bengal (such as the Champramara forest and the Jaldapara sanctuary) and the majestic Himalayan peaks. The famous hill-station of Kalimpong, with outstanding views of Kanchenjungha, the third highest mountain in the world at 8598 meters, is 50km away.

The site, unspoilt by tourism, retains a delicate equilibrium based on tea
plantations and local agriculture in small rural villages. The mild climate encourages both tropical and temperate vegetation. Bananas and mangoes grow alongside ferns and oranges. Terrace farming on the lush green mountain slopes includes peas, potatoes, black cardamom and the betel nut. Exotic wild orchids flourish abundantly.

This makes Pankhasari an ideal spot for a resort for people with a love for nature, peace, and organic farming.

Phase I design
Waterproofing detail under the roof-top deck using cast-in-situ fibreglass

Phase II design

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