Design and Construction

Presidency Museum

Presidency Museum Room 2 – looking towards Room 1

In the course of two years, Alleya and Associates Designed and Executed four projects at various locations in Presidency University.

Presidency Museum, established as a part of the University’s bicentennial celebrations, is housed in two rooms opening on to the main corridors of the main heritage building.

Alleya and Associates was assigned the Design and Execution of the exhibit. WYSIWYG Communications worked on the Communications Design – providing graphic design, textual, and photographic inputs under the overall curatorial supervision of Prof. Swapan Chakravorty of the University. Spatial Design and Conservation work was carried out in the rooms by Abin Design Studios prior to populating the museum.



Presidency Museum Room 1 – looking towards the corridor

Presidency Museum Room 2 – looking from the entrance through Room 1

Museum-worthy artefacts and documents, were strewn all over the campus when it was in the throes of frenzied Bicentennial Celebration mode as the deadline approached.

After sifting through thousands of items, were loathe to part with 90% of these – not because they did not have an equally powerful story lurking in them, but because we had only two pages (rooms) to write a narrative for the history of an institution that nourished intellect and excellence in this part of the world for more that two centuries!

The artefacts selected were refurbished and labelled for display. (It would be incorrect to call the effort restoration, as technically that would mean we managed to get them working again – which we did not)

Before selection of artefacts

After refurbishment and display

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