Site Museum, Nandadirgi Vihara, Jagjivanpur, Malda

Nandadirghi Vihara in Jagjivanpur , Malda, was a flourishing Buddhist Centre from circa 9th to the 11th century A.D.

After a chance discovery in 1987 of a copperplate charter belonging to the Pala Dynasty, the site was painstakingly excavated to reveal a Monastry built in the fashion of a fortified bastion.

The Site Museum at Jagjivanpur will help interpret the archaeological site to its visitors and help preserve it for the future through an admin office that has been added to the brief by us.

The project is being implemented by he Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of West Bengal and the West Bengal Heritage Commission, and is being constructed through the PWD, Malda Division. The project is scheduled to finish in 2019.

The site under construction

Local vernacular
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